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Live Birds for sale

We have a wide variety of live birds for sale. We noticed that many people want companionship and are unable to have cats or dogs in their homes, found that birds were the answer, or simply dreamed of having their own live Pet Bird one day. Pet Birds and Parrots is a service that home delivers healthy, well cared for, and ethically bred birds such as Conures, Budgies, Cockatiels, Caiques, Lineolated Parrots, African Greys, Macaws, Conures, Amazons, Quakers, Lorikeets and many other varieties by request. You have the choice to buy a Bird only or our complete package, which gives you the best start possible. We share our expertise in providing the Routine, Dietary, Training Tips, Ideal cage, and Playstand options so you get the best out of your Pet Bird and our prices are competitive.

Where to Buy a Bird, Visit The breeder’s website

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Birds for sale

Select the right Live Birds for your lifestyle
Firstly you will have your Pet Bird for at least 15,20, 30 years or more so it is very important you are prepared and committed to looking after your Pet Bird.
In selecting your first Pet Bird, do your research, ensure you buy from a reputable breeder, buy from experienced breeders, make sure your Pet Bird has been Hand Raised, and ensure you get a well-natured Pet Bird to suit your family and lifestyle. Do not choose a Pet Bird because someone recommended you buy it without checking that Pet Bird will be suitable for you and your family.

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Buy exotic birds for sale ( Parrots for sale)

Buy Exotic Birds for sale.Would you like to know which are the exotic parrots? Would you like to know how they look like? Are you interested in knowing a bit more about their feeding, location, and raising? Find here a list of exotic parrots and learn about what makes these beautiful birds unique.

We place considerable emphasis on matching the right parrot species for you by understanding your expectations and living environment. Furthermore, we take pride in producing baby parrots that are well socialized and loved. The time and effort we invest in all baby parrots in our nursery ensure that you will have a beautiful pet that you can love and interact with for many years to come.

Check bellow for more info on some of our exotic birds.

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Exotic Macaw Exotic birds ( Parrots for sale)

This exotic bird shows an intense and varied color, although the feathers of the face are less showy; they have white patches around the eyes. The bright color of their feathers is characteristic of these exotic parrots and they are usually red, yellow, green and blue. Both the females and the males have very similar plumage and it cannot be guaranteed that one sex is larger than the other. You only find slight variations when they are young.

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Blue and Gold macaw parrot for sale

The blue and yellow macaw (also known as the blue and gold macaw) is a species that belongs to the parrot family and resides in Central America and South America, from Panama to the north of Paraguay and throughout the Amazon basin. They live in different types of habitats, from tropical humid forests to the dry sheet, so they are birds that can adapt very well to changes in temperature. Flocks especially live close to river beds.

This is a large macaw. It is between 76 and 86 centimeters long and can weigh up to 1.5 kg. It does not present sexual dimorphism, reason why it is quite difficult to be able to differentiate between females and males. However, according to some experts, females tend to weigh less and are smaller than males. But, over time it has been proven that this depends on the specimen, so it is not a reliable system to use.

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Hahn’s Macaw parrot for sale

It is also known by the name of Red-shouldered macaw and it is a species that lives in the plains, savannas, and swamps of Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Brazil. Although it is a macaw, it is true that its size is not very large, since it measures a maximum of 35 centimeters and can weigh up to one kilo. This bird does not present sexual dimorphism, so to know if it is female or male, a DNA test is needed.

This exotic bird has a long, narrow tail with a large beak. Its body is covered by bright green feathers, with some darker and bluish feathers in the head area, as well as near the beak area. The green feathers on its tail and wings are duller in the interior area. When it reaches adulthood the feathers on its shoulders are red. Their eyes are orange, and the area near their beak is devoid of feathers.