Blue and Gold macaw parrot for sale

The blue and yellow macaw (also known as the blue and gold macaw) is a species that belongs to the parrot family and resides in Central America and South America, from Panama to the north of Paraguay and throughout the Amazon basin. They live in different types of habitats, from tropical humid forests to the dry sheet, so they are birds that can adapt very well to changes in temperature. Flocks especially live close to river beds.

This is a large macaw. It is between 76 and 86 centimeters long and can weigh up to 1.5 kg. It does not present sexual dimorphism, reason why it is quite difficult to be able to differentiate between females and males. However, according to some experts, females tend to weigh less and are smaller than males. But, over time it has been proven that this depends on the specimen, so it is not a reliable system to use.

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