Hahn’s Macaw parrot for sale

It is also known by the name of Red-shouldered macaw and it is a species that lives in the plains, savannas, and swamps of Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Brazil. Although it is a macaw, it is true that its size is not very large, since it measures a maximum of 35 centimeters and can weigh up to one kilo. This bird does not present sexual dimorphism, so to know if it is female or male, a DNA test is needed.

This exotic bird has a long, narrow tail with a large beak. Its body is covered by bright green feathers, with some darker and bluish feathers in the head area, as well as near the beak area. The green feathers on its tail and wings are duller in the interior area. When it reaches adulthood the feathers on its shoulders are red. Their eyes are orange, and the area near their beak is devoid of feathers.

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