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Panama amazon for sale

Panama amazon for sale, though rarer than the other popular Amazon, they have become a more popular pet in recent years. This is a subspecies of the Yellow-crowned Amazon. Both of these Amazons are green birds with a green forehead yielding to a yellow marking on the crown. Their very similar in coloration often leads to confusion. Differences are subtle, with the Panama Amazon being a bit smaller, a darker shade of green, and lacking the reddish-orange spot on the upper mandible (beak) that is seen on the yellow-fronted Amazon.

There are also a couple of other very similar Amazon parrots and it can be difficult to tell any of these Amazon birds apart when they are juveniles. The yellow marking on these parrots develops with each molt over a period of about four years. Besides coloring, there are also some other distinctions between these Amazons. They differ in such things as body size, temperament, and talking ability too. Knowing which pet bird you are getting helps you know what to expect.

The Panama Yellow-fronted Amazon parrot is quite intelligent, inquisitive, and affectionate. Their high intelligence makes them easy to tame and train. With a naturally playful nature, they will soon become fun and entertaining pet birds They will quickly begin to mimic sounds and become an excellent talker. They are very social, enjoy companionship, and become fast friends with their owners. They make great pets for devoted individuals and families.

Panama Amazons are robust birds and will do well in either a cage with a playpen on top or in an aviary. They are very active birds that like to climb and need plenty of chew toys. They do enjoy the interaction and spending time with human companions, but enjoy time alone as well. They are quite content to entertain themselves for hours at a time just playing with their toys.



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Amazon Parrots for Sale


Amazon Parrots for Sale, An Amazon parrot is a classification of several different kinds of parrots that originally hail from the Amazon. There are many species of Amazon; 10 types are common as pets. This medium- to large-sized exotic birds can live for up to 50 years. They require consistent attention, exercise, and training, especially if you want a less noisy, gentle bird. Several species are pretty good talkers and mimics, too.




Amazons are brilliant and playful birds that love being the center of attention. They need lots of affection and time with their owners. They are curious, and athletic, and seem to enjoy entertaining their owners with clownish antics. Hand-fed Amazon parrots typically make loving, affectionate pets.

An Amazon parrot uses body language to indicate its mood. For example, an excitable Amazon parrot might be indicating it does not want to be handled, and failure to recognize this might result in a bite.


Speech and sound


They seem to be especially fond of music and singing. Blue-fronted, double-yellow-headed, and yellow-naped Amazons are considered the best talkers of the Amazon family. They can speak with clarity and even understand the context. In general, most Amazon species can learn to talk, a majority of the species are mumblers or will jumble the words.

As for other sounds, Amazons can be quite noisy and loud. Amazons are also good screamers and screechers, though not as loud as cockatoos or macaws. These loud vocalizations are how the birds communicated with the flock—usually indicating danger, anger, excitement, or calling for attention.


Care and Feeding


The majority of Amazon parrots love to bathe; and bathing opportunities can include joining their owner in the shower, getting a spray bath, or jumping in their water dish and splashing water all about the place. Bathing is an important part of an Amazon’s feather health.

An Amazon parrot needs a spacious cage. Included in the cage should be toys and swings spread out within the cage, as well as a play gym/play tree, climbing rope, or ladders to scale. This equipment will encourage movement and exercise. The minimum cage size should be 24 inches by 36 inches and 48 inches tall with bar spacing of 3/4 to 1 inch. An aviary or safe free-flight area is ideal.

Besides the initial purchase of the bird, the cage, and food, the bulk of your remaining expenses will be for toys for your pet parrot. Being very playful, Amazons need lots of sturdy toys. Plan to go through a lot of toys over the lifetime of your bird. Think about bird toy safety when you choose toys. Amazons particularly like to chew toys and hold toys with their feet.

As a pet, your Amazon should eat balanced, formulated pelleted bird food and fresh fruits and vegetables. Feed approximately 1/3 to 1/2 cups of pelleted food and 1/3 to 1/2 cups of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. You can offer more or less food, depending on your bird’s size, activity level, and weight gain.

Seeds and nuts are too high in fat for Amazon. To keep your bird healthy, make sure you provide the right nutritional requirements daily. Always clean out water bowls every day and offer fresh water.

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The behavior of Amazon parrots

Amazon Parrots are very social birds and a single parrot will make a wonderful pet if it gets plenty of attention. They adapt well to captivity, adjusting easily to their cage or aviary. These birds will tame quickly, bond to their keeper, and may soon begin to mimic the sounds. They enjoy the interaction and like their human companions.

– Highly intelligent and curious; Amazons love to explore their surroundings
–  Considered by many to be the most trainable of all parrots
– Have the capacity to learn a large vocabulary
– Tamed birds readily adapt to new surroundings and activities; expose them early to daily activities in your household as well as to other pets
– Need environmental enrichment, interesting toys, and foraging exercises to reduce the chance of behavioral problems.

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1 – 2 Months old, 3 – 5 Months old, 7 – 09 Months old


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